Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities on Hilton Head Island

When you are vacationing at a luxurious Hilton Head rental property, there may be a time when you need good quality health care at professional medical facilities. Not far from any of beautiful Hilton Head vacation homes or villas for rent, you will find some of the very best health care providers on the Island. Urgent care you can trust is available on the south end at Comprehensive Family Health Care center or mid-Island at Doctors Care. If your Hilton Head vacation rental is located more on the north Island, you can receive medical attention at Main Street Medical.

Whether you or your child has a fever or you forgot your medication or need a refill, there is always a facility close by where you can get the care you need. The experienced medical staff and doctors at all Hilton Head medical facilities will treat you with the same care and concern as your own family doctor. All medical treatment centers will accept most national and private health insurance plans, but just to be on the safe side, ask the Hilton Head rental property booking agent or your travel agent when you make your reservation what types of health insurance is accepted.

Some insurance companies will only cover medical treatment in your own state. You might need special travel insurance or make some special arrangements with your health insurance provider. Some prescription medication might also not be transferable to an Island pharmacy, so if you are on vital medication that you need to take everyday, check with your doctor before you leave.

When you visit one of the medical facilities near your Hilton Head vacation home, be prepared to answer many questions. Even though patient information data sharing is wide spread throughout the country, the hospital or medical center you visit might not have access to this information. Most importantly, list any allergies you might have. The last thing you want is to have your vacation ruined by medication that could make you more ill than you were when you came in for treatment.

Of course, in case of an emergency and you can’t make it to a medical facility on your own, please dial 911. This emergency number works the same as it does in the rest of the country. One of our many top ranked fire and rescue stations located all over the island will respond promptly to your call and give you all the help you need.

Major Medical Facilities
Hilton Head Hospital
(843) 681-6122
Call 911 for emergencies

Urgent Care – South End of the Island
Sea Pines Circle Immediate Care Open 7 Days a Week
2 Greenwood Drive
(843) 342-2700
Mon – Fri: 8-6 ⁄ Sat – Sun: 8-4

Urgent -Care – Mid-Island
Doctors Care – Open7 Days a Week
845 William Hilton Parkway – South Island Square
(843) 341-2416
Mon – Fri: 8-8 ⁄ Sat – Sun: 9-5

Urgent Care – North End of the Island
Main Street Medical Open 7 Days a Week
93 Main Street
(843) 681-3777
Mon – Fri: 9-5 ⁄ Sat – Sun: 9-2

Palmetto Pediatrics
23 Main Street, Suite 301
(843) 342-5437