Other Theatre Options on Hilton Head Island while Vacationing

So you are planning a Hilton Head Vacation on the South Carolina coast and want to know if there theatre, arts and cultural events that you might attend while here. Besides the many offerings at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina there are other theatre options on Hilton Head as well. You and your family/friends can enjoy a night of thespian excitement while on your next Hilton Head vacation. The Main Street Youth Theatre at 3000 Main Street is an option as well as the Lean Ensemble Theater(performances held mostly at Hilton Head Prep Stage).

Main Street Youth Theatre

Discover Great Theatre for the Whole Family
Whether or not theatre is usually your cup of tea, you will certainly not be disappointed by the productions put on by Main Street Youth Theatre. If you are looking for a way to connect with the local Hilton Head islanders, then MSYT is the place to do it. Family and community are as much a part of this theatre as the stage and lights. The performers are local members of the Hilton Head Island community, so you can expect to get a bit of regional flair along with the show.
This theatre’s productions take new spins on old favorites, and they are all sure to give your family and friends a night to remember during your vacation on Hilton Head Island. It can be difficult to find something appropriate for the whole family to do while at your Hilton Head vacation rental at the beach, but this theatre provides the perfect solution. Young and old audiences will find themselves enraptured from curtain up to curtain down.

Support Hilton Head Youth and Community
Better yet, each time you visit the Main Street Youth Theatre, you are supporting an important part of the local economy and community. This theatre is a major player in arts education, running outreach programs for young residents of Hilton Head Island. These programs provide a creative outlet for local youth while helping them to build confidence in their craft.

Lean Ensemble Theater

Mature options for thinking adults while on a Hilton Head Getaway
Or perhaps you are on a couples or girlfriends’ getaway to Hilton Head and want a thinking theater experience to go along with the golf/tennis and great restaurants you are enjoying. Lean Ensemble Theater is a “professional performing arts based company” whose band of artists form an incomparable ensemble and a night of theater you will be talking about long after your Hilton Head vacation is over. This year’s season include dramas and comedies from October to May.

A Night to Remember
When you take your family to the Main Street Youth Theatre or go with friends to the Lean Ensemble Theater you are not only guaranteed a wonderfully entertaining night for everyone, you also play an important role in the local cultural community. Where else can you build sandcastles by day and see a show by night? Make this Hilton Head vacation memorable by supporting one of these Theater groups and go to our Calendar of Events page to learn more. You are going to love it!